A great day


Written by Eva:


Yesterday, March 7, 2020, it was an exciting day for my better half. The day had finally come when I was going to participate in the Transgrancanaria.
The day before we went together to pick up the number to the Meloneras Expo at 7:15 p.m. Once there, you could breathe the atmosphere of the corridor, which made the motivation to participate increase.
Saturday started very early. My better half rose at 05:00 am to set course for the Chira Dam, which was where the Starter mode of this test came from.
While my athlete was running through nature, I downloaded the "Live Info" application so I could follow him and see the times he was doing.
From this dam to Hierbahuerto (where the first provisioning station was located) it carried a fairly high rate, approximately 4.59 km / h. From there to Ayagaures (second provisioning) took a pace of 6.84 km / h.
At this point my runner had been running 02 hours 01 minutes and 23 seconds and a distance of 12.4 km. From Ayagaures to the South Park (last provisioning before the arrival at the finish line) it took a time of 7.59 km / h. From there he had 4.50 km to reach the finish line at the Maspalomas Lighthouse, stopping the stopwatch in 04 hours, 22 minutes and 35 seconds and ending with a speed of 8.92 km / h .
Once in goal, I find the best of my life at the Meloneras Expo. I had been supporting him (and I will always do it) throughout the tour and it was time to celebrate together the challenge and objective he had achieved.
Life, to tell you that I smelled for you, I smelled for having finished the Trans and for the rhythm so good that you carried throughout the race. Proud of you. Love you to the moon and back my everything.