One day like today I fell in love with the most wonderful person in the sky. Eva, from the moment we chose ourselves, had the premonition that we should reach another level, writing to each other. Now, at this precise moment, while I let my emotions flow in this post, I put my feet on the ground, while the bus transports me to the city that saw us grow. This scenario will be, without a doubt, the best possible witness where the best of the appointments will be given to finish off our anniversary, with a full "express layout". It is 9pm, this is an exhausting day, with hardly any smiles, that at least, for a few minutes, allow us to let out some reassuring laughter, perhaps we already did it during our revitalized sleep while we slept peacefully.Yes, it was, and then when we woke up, during the morning we had the fortune to share the sunrise, then a rest in our own way (not in bed) everything is going perfectly, as usual, we have even dispensed with the use of the mobile. We feel privileged by all this, and we respect that, of course, each one does what he sees fit with his life, we to ours, as it is possible to hope, given the circumstances.Paradoxically, this great manifestation that involves sharing our lives. We have also known, from the beginning, that the two of us would propose in unison, uniting our intellectual capacities to maintain the desired mental balance, which, posthumously, being equitable, guarantees permanence, according to the consonance we established, while improving our personal results, which in many respects have inevitably come after creating a space in silence.