Be from Canary Island


That's a topic I write very rarely, I resist me but I carry with honor. All who were born in the Canary Islands took him deep inside.

It's like respect, it must demand and fight to tell the head pa 'ya riba, if not the same, you catch a plane and pluck. The fact that calve me here gives me the right to tell firsthand. The birthplace at all should take away the freedom to choose where we settle anywhere in the world as neither the bears any constraints. It'm canarión to the bars and the most although 95% of my family is from outside and those here was distancing from the beginning so more merit pa still 'me if anything I've managed to fight for myself what I have, what is much.

Is the canary that sits outside and hard the journey is finished installing and does not lose its roots. And then there are the tourists who come here and feel lucky to the residence, only they know what they are compensated micro isolated in this continent. Is in between that family life that often for various reasons is split, just say as reports that more and more older people living alone, I do not seem to the quite normal but I can not comment much on the matter.

I seek a full life naturally like everyone else, enjoy the moment!.

I like the idea to continue fulfilling years, and if even in my beloved land. I say this because sometimes hear complaints like penalty on age. Why not want to get older ?, what's wrong?