Care environment


  • Caring for the environment is protecting our health. In matters related to health and wellness it is important to prevent environmental degradation.

Would highlight risks to human health caused by water pollution, biodiversity loss, reducing the level of 0² in the water, etc.

  • Don’t throw waste into the water.
  • Throw the trash in the proper containers.
  • Respects access areas, the vegetation of the area and the animals you can find.
  • Educa in environmental sensitivity.
  • In natural areas try not utizar glass containers.
  • Go to the service provided before bathing.
  • In showers and sunshine, uses biodegradable products.
  • Well off the cigarette butts in the ashtrays and depositalas.
  • Controls oil leaks and oil to the used motor boats.
  • Collect gear and left over after fishing.