Communication media


The key to figuring out if a profession has a future is to identify trends, to explain why they are important, that drives them, what are its implications and how you can tap into that vision of future vacancies that come.

All this is having much to do with the media.

It has long been looked specialized newspapers and magazines for information on job openings , but today takes the cake internet. Before hiring a lifeguard, the first thing you usually do is put their name in the search bar Googleand have it is what comes out ... Have you ever tried to put your names and look what comes out there ?. Do it and then be aware that in the world of work will be the same, for better or worse. But since it was a fantastic source of information for businesses, they are now appearing on stage social networks. I do not say that poke our privacy without our permission, that's us notWe control and schedule our profiles with privacy according !. We are located online in the same way you would any netizen and therefore what we should do is to form properly. I personally think it's better to keep everything public to avoid doubt, it is the most professional but far right, you have the last decision.

And here I will tell you something personal. Coincidences of life after completing my studies, after several trails in electricity, finally I got to work with a fixed contract mobile telephony.

What kind of mess we are trying to catch to finally devour us ?.

We are victims from teenagers to elderly people, as long as we get to the point of being obsessed. Make a test, head over more than one day without a phone. He had to say and said, it's obvious.

Fortunately for me, the experience I gained during that lived in change Smartphones me is serving now more than ever, in order to assimilate this fact very satisfactorily. The other day I heard on the radio and 99% of the world population uses mobile and 80% have WhatsApp. What is clear is that the rising trend is granted by giving general use as a tool to aid in the communication process. Some experts already categorized as a disease, to which must be added the criminal offenses that are incurred with their misuse, which each draw their own conclusions.

You probably also be someone who takes control as the additions are concerned, either by willpower, lack of commitment or many other disparate reasons. The truth is that once again, in this case also, again fair pay for sinners, but there is, we must also know. In short, like being connected, technology is powerful. It is presented as something useful and indispensable for the present and future, nobody wants to stay out. And if we talk about us with an iPhone 11 much better, is not it ?, as the passenger who climbs onto a bus, what will you choose, the new fresh out of the dealership or the old who fails to air acondicinado ?. As far as I consider appropriate to continue reporting terms,

What they really mean?

I tell you who struggles to be better than others think every day and be worthy of your happiness. Wake up, because that is something that remains to be seen during the day for each week in the 12 months in the year.

Let me than I that detracts their prowess. Who we would say when we'd already used to avoid the abyss which is the most absolute solitude. To say when some people are projecting in contempt, producing in you a satisfactory effect. Now, magically appeared this item on the screen of some phones.

Whenever you ignore the power of others, fear that samples have to suffering, your reasoning ability has diminished sunk so it is about to happen. Among other things off cynicism, arrogance and hypocrisy when handling your keyboard, redundant. In the balance is the virtue, nobody said a understood through a phone with these features out to be so easy, a compromise would have been right, we are here.

As a controversial internationally successful singer named says Alejandro Sanz in his song "when no one sees me I can be or not to be" pure fiction. You have every chance to be a passenger, no matter how far you go. Always seek the approval of the masses, live to compete with others, it's your jet engine and go pulling. Same with luck to smile wryly and show interest in knowing that you are alone against the principle of my truth.

Because both WhatsApp is used?

I'll tell you an anecdote. These days I have been involved again to intervene in a question in the only group that I belong, made up of several old friends, almost all involved, from the beginning of the popular social network. Boys, who are these paranoid if they really believe that I exaggerate, because just make a break and think about the irrefutable fact already left me 3 times and I would do. Then they say they have to endure, but are telling me misijos.

I agree that in a community that consists of over 10 members arise naturally piques. What I refuse to understand is that nothing satiates appetite such as angry and ruin everything is as acts. Care I'm not saying that the use of WhatsApp groups is an aberration or anything like that. The unpleasantness of this matter, which is involved the most, occurs when an attempt repeated "mockery" of some degenerate as usual appears. It encourages the serious fact that causes become addicted to technology when the "attacked" in order to maintain their honor with his right to defend launches offense, looking off grace, I think is reflected unbalanced existing.

And now please save yourself the topic for better or worse important thing is to talk one .

The health of people is not played, grávense these words.

My studies credited me as superior communications technician, I practice my profession barefoot on the beach canaries we always like that. I leave again as canary rescuer proud of my controlled addition in the media.

Yes, it is true, by necessity unknown time and I will continue showing my arrogance desahogándome during these reflections. Everything in my non-working hours.

Another day, if time and desire permit me write to give IMHO bring in the private chat. A priori it seems easier to analyze. As the current situation is concerned, it could be but also saves a lot of controversy.

challenge you to put in comments your criticism, I'll be waiting.

For the record, I have no intention to share this information, although it would be appropriate for you if you did voluntarily.