Each other must value


We are leaving a good international balance as a summary blog stats in 2019. Begin this stunning month of January of 2020, couldn't be better with a new volunteering from 00:05 to 06:00 a.m.
After sleeping in the car for a couple of hours the crazy sport event that we enjoy as a runners. Anyway after enjoy the dinner I'm already full of power. This kind of services has been very busy because a large number of younger have been allowed. Sadly they had access to the happy hour free alcohol time. Once several young people be treated for a high alcohol intake. We had been several transfers with police presence on several moments due to physical fighter among other poisonings. About 05:30, the members of the staff and me we back to the main base. As soon as I arrive, I leave everything to get ready and sleep another couple of hours fortunately at home right now before starting my work like a life watch in the beach area. It's looking forward to be complicated but I feel fine myself full of power, because in the previous couple days I had been a lot of time to rest. Although the screech from below my house was full of hangovers at that time and they made quite a fuss. The first thing that in the early hours I find on my cell phone was my better half orange wishing a good morning, nothing gonna be wrong. Once to prepare to meet with the rest of my team work and congratulate them about the new year. On the beach the sea is ugly, the bosses have been forced to put a red flag due to the swelling of the waves, zero services thanks to teamwork, the bathers got in and out as if it were a New Year's ritual. Once again I want to convey Eva, my wife, that none of this would be possible without your support in volunteering.

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