First weeks


As everybody know, sports daily has many health benefits, but what happens when we do fasting?

My better half does this kind of workouts every day and I've been doing just 4 days and I can say that is a super effective workout for several reasons. First, refrain from eating and drinking early helps fat removal, facilitating the reduction of this. Second, the sensations are incredible ending.

Our fasting routine consists of doing crunches, since one of the goals we have in mind is "flat stomach".

Every day we exercise being deprived of certain positive aspects considered, as some pleasure, quality or knowledge. And finally, it serves as a complement to more training.

During the first days ashore, while it recognizes the route of the trail ultra, on stretches without coverage, begins to write.

Under all odds effectively narrative it emerges, now has precious time and mobile which capture this wonderful experience in my practice their free time and you want to count openly. The texts passed me and I posted it on internet, perfect tandem.

I I've been monitoring your us and as I said, everything indicates that his career will consist of jogging leaving me on the downhills and the golpito on the plains

Then I have to emphasize how proud I am of you, what you are and what you're getting. I love to train every day and do for Transgrancanaria.

All this combined with the Nordic style cruise using specific shoes of this type is that, as I said, use the days you have many dynamic surveillance on the beach.

My athlete million thanks for everything, for teaching me this new type of training that is now part of our routines. As we always say we are the perfect tandem. I love you.

Life spirit with this test. "A stop power" XXIII - VII - MMXIX.