I've spent half my life trying to understand this term. Beside the fact that we live in a globalized world where almost all we are entitled to judge the lives of others, I have found few people actually my way of approaching this feeling of friendship so good moments make us live.

I have to say that I am in a time of many reflections thanks mainly to the great company it is Eva, the person who understands me, stabilizes me emotionally, listening and giving me some other advice, how great is my girl.

For me friendship is a very deep emotion, where trust and deliver a part of you, like that was the turning point that led me to try to find some explanation for the fact that costs me enjoy again the people I want, except for Eva where everything is wonderful, we call our ideal world, you're the air I breathe,  mood!

I have always been committed to the friendship and I know that many people considered me his friend. Today communications have greatly influenced the way we relate to people, it is true, but impossible to replace hugs. Writing helps me cast out, somehow, what I feel and that has been one of the reasons why I have decided this year to make my professional blog, now Eva. Therefore I wish to dedicate a few words to everyone somehow have accompanied me in my personal growth.

With family happened to me the same thing.