Gender violence



Service Prevention and Comprehensive Care for Women and Children Victims of Sexual Violence. direct assistance to victims, both adults and minors.

It is a multidisciplinary care and prevention services aimed at women victims of domestic violence and their children.

In addition to caring for victims, carried out prevention and awareness in schools, social groups and affective sexual education and healthy working relationships.

As strategic line this year have launched the Violets Points, safe spaces in which information is given, awareness campaigns are carried out and initial reception and referral to those who may be victims of sexual assault is made.

Under the slogan "We enjoyed released" The Violet Point has been installed since the start of the service in eleven different events throughout the island of Gran Canaria.

  • Information and support
  • • Awareness campaign against gender violence

    • Processing resources
    • Telecare and case tracking
    • Training workshop
    • Legal advice
    • Psychological assistance to women and their children
    • Guidance for training and employment aimed at users of the service