If I talk is about money



The title of the book is a metaphor for thewhat should be Interpret to the reader thefollowing manner; as we could lose money if we remain in silence in certainsituations .

It would be true if we say that refute oneconversation can serve as a powerful weapon when we compete at the communicating RNOS. Please note that the information is the most valuable thing we have, so silence can be the hit final to encourage our potential adversary future friend.

To most of us to live, instead sobreviv go we need to increase zeros in our bank accounts. It's not such a thought hit tada then we have developed many methods toobtain benefits economic , one verycommon is the I play, the communication.

I will draw on all s its s forms ofexpression you know, addressing , ascould be another way , anyone who is willing to receive and interpret the Messaging and, if only for education .


Among the main reasons that led me to make the decision to embark on this newand exciting adventure of writing the fourth book , it is ta the show that alleffort has its rewards .

We ourselves must be free to time to takeconscience when we point all our thoughts with pen on the agenda , with the syntax appropriate and believe irrefutable mindour possibilities.

All part of the need innate of human beings communicate. When we understand the dimensions that impact our actions everyday, we will be aware of our power. That is when we will have won the battle to our unstoppable advancing system without your consent and we seem to want to force , now more than ever , touse telecommunications.


I was born on November 13 in Las Palmas. I had very young a serious health problem, have also tended (like many others) a difficult family situation in Gran Canaria. I was forced to leave during a decade of the Canary Islands, a fact not overly helped, as expected, to improve my family ties given my accent canarión, my grandmother told my mother, daughter this child is not understood when speaks.

It was my father with his brother that give the leap to creating a business from cash registers in Gran Canaria, so I was determined to choose the branch of electronic communications. Before finishing my studies and after many years the business flourished, it was time to close, Bad luck ?.

For my part, after several years in different companies in the sector I came after several decisions somewhat risky to specialize in technology that would mark the trend of the future. She was attractive the idea of ​​working in a mobile lab technician as so many setbacks forward and accumulated 6 years that was, at that time, the largest international signing of the moment. During the process Vivi professional experience I most marked in life, the invasive entry of smartphones in our society, a device that has revolutionized the way we communicate and returns prison with encantas anyone who is mastered by their dependents thoughts.

My desire to return to the island were increasing and definitely left the difficult experience that I had embarked. Return to Gran Canaria was a radical change, both to seek work of mine to steady me emotionally, yes, I was at my final destination.

I can say that is what I expect from life. He had succeeded, now it was to survive in any way and I opted for the profession of rescuer, who had already exercised several times, especially many eternal summers.


"If you write about money"


    Speaking of necessity
    While I think the way
    The technique of writing
    A perfect tandem
    Do you write or you like to talk?
    the power of the word
    Narrative therapy
    Read alone
    For education
    interpersonal dialogues
    Worth a thousand signs that an image
    Social networks
    mental and emotional processes


For the public that converts minutes hours hours, as do I as walk through ignorance understand my thinking.

I love the silence, being in the nature withthe woman of my life enjoying of the moment or on the terrace of a nice hotel with good views, alone or in company .

Millions Thanks my love for giving me comfort and makes life bearable is simple, especially when emergency actions and humanitarian support arise in my spare time.


Red Cross


35% of the sale of the book will be donated to the institution possibly somewhere that for the moment unknown to social action. This fact will be reflected by a notary. You leave aside the quest for fame, and I have, was always in me, I'm a lucky.

Sheets : 150 pages. 
Size : 200 ml.

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18 €

Sale date

April 1, 2020


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