Mental Strength


When your mental strength is low, it's important to be able to reframe counterproductive thoughts in real time. You can do that in two different ways:

Create a contingency plan: If x happens, then I will do y... (SOUNDS LIKE: "If my kid's school gets cancelled, then I will create a structured plan for each day at home.")

Leverage optimism: Another way to look at this situation is... (SOUNDS LIKE: "Another way to look at this is now that all of my workshops got postponed, I'll have more time to write my book.")

Savor Something
There are three different types of savoring: reminiscing by thinking about a past event, savoring the present, and anticipatory savoring - thinking about something good that is yet to come. 

My beloved golden retriever, Sadie, passed away almost two years ago. I keep a picture of her in a field of flowers on the wall in the kitchen. 

Lucy and I were baking banana bread together on Sunday and she said, "Mommy, I miss Sadie, but I think she's happy - she's in the flowers." Tears came to my eyes, but we had a very sweet conversation about how much we loved our Sadie Bear. It felt really good to re-live her memory in such a trying time.

Clarify Your Values

The older I get, the more importance I place on values. I knew I had them, but I never really thought about them until I left my law practice and started my business. 

My three core values are kindness, courage and love, and they inform every decision I make. Kindness comes easy to me, but I have to practice courage in a much more effortful way. 

What are your core values? What about your family's? Brene Brown has a great list you can use to get started.

Don't Expect Immediate Results. Mentally strong people know that immediate results aren't always possible, and that's especially true now. 

Healthcare experts tell us that it's likely going to get worse before it gets better, and even once we turn a corner, it may take weeks or months to return to a new normal.