Once the scope of the action to be carried out is known or decided, the different methods, techniques and methodological instruments that will be used throughout the process must be clear, in order to carry it out in response to these.

In the previous phase

Information will be collected from the sociocultural context and the population in which the action will be carried out using observation techniques and direct information techniques, that is, through observation, unstructured interviews, reflection and analysis of the information collected regarding the problem. existing social, possibility of action and limitations that exist or may arise.

In the organization and programming phase

The interests and needs expressed by a discussion group that will be made up of the organizers of the intervention and those involved will be collected through direct information techniques.

In the execution phase

Different teaching methods of work can be used:

Expository method: that can be used at the time of the theoretical exposition of those contents that you want to address.

Demonstration method: it is totally recommended to achieve a good performance, and it can also be used to motivate people to participate actively, encouraging them to have a positive attitude both with themselves and with others.

Program teaching method: which should be used to work the exercises. Weekly and periodic meetings.

Discovery method: consisting of the participant finding a solution to execute a proposal that has been formulated. It is very appropriate to use it because it will stimulate your initiative and also because it is the learning that is taking place.

Creative method: which will be used to promote the desire and self-interest that can take shape at all times.

Individualized method: that is necessary to know the specific situations that affect each of the people involved in the methodology, so that everyone can participate according to their possibilities.

In the evaluation phase of the entire process

The assessment of the entire process will be collected.