Myths about food


Don´t believe everything they say!

Discover some of the most widespread myths about food.

Five very frequent assertions without any scientific basis.

  1. Eating carbohydrates fattening night. Daily caloric intake is crucial to gain or lose weight.
  2. Fattening bread. Fattens consume over the day more energy than we spend, not a particular food.
  3. Drinking water with fattening food. Water does not provide calories, therefore slimline, regardless of when it is taken.
  4. It’s fine don’t eat fruit after a meal. There is no evidence that this statement is true.
  5. Mixing protein and carbohydrate fat. Disassociated diets haven’t foundation. They can be combined fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

    * Obesity is responsible for 3.4 million deaths a year. Don't start a diet that you’ll leave someday.

You don't need eat less, just eat well. Choose health it´s your chance!