Need and Motivation


Human needs

Necessity is everything that a person must satisfy to maintain his life, health and well-being. In the health field, human needs are addressed from a bio-psycho-social perspective: Biological needs that affect the physical structure of the person. Psychic needs that are related to psychic and emotional functions.

Social needs that affect the relationships that an individual maintains with others.2. In order to maintain his life, health and well-being, a person must have his needs fully met in all three areas.

The motivation can be defined as the cause or reason that moves a person to act in a certain way. Needs can be considered as a source of motivation.

Motivation moves people throughout their psychic life.The existence of achievable goals is an essential factor of motivation.

Motivation is also very important in professional life, and especially in psychologically demanding jobs.Lack of motivation will be a major factor in loss of job performance and job burnout.