Ratings for communication


Empathy: one must convey that one has the ability to see and feel, approaching the point of view of the affected person. This usually implies a quality of personal quality.
Respect: sincere respect must be conveyed for the dignity and worth of those affected.
Authenticity: means honesty, trustworthiness, sincerity In working with people who may find it difficult to trust others, you must instill confidence in difficult conditions.
Positive consideration: a sincere concern for the welfare and respectability of the person concerned must be shown.Non-Judging.
Position: People are often concerned about the possibility of being judged. This tension can be alleviated by carefully avoiding judging the person affected.
Development of autonomy: at the end of the intervention leaving the person feeling somewhat more recovered and with greater resources than when they found it.
Practical sense: it is necessary to consider what can and cannot be achieved for a person in crisis if the person is to be strengthened.
Confidentiality: maintaining privacy about the things you share.
Ethical conduct: do no harm, be trustworthy, keep the word with appropriate deeds, never exploit the relationship, respect the right of the person to make their own decisions, never exaggerate one's abilities or skills, be aware of it and prejudice of oneself.