Situational Coefficient


This term could be defined as the state in which a person is aware of what is happening around him in the performance of a function and quickly recognizes if a change in the situation occurs.This concept is crucial to be able to become aware and do it in a correct way.There are several factors that influence the control of situational awareness:⁃ Previous experience⁃ Spatial Orientation⁃ Emotional and physical state (stress, fatigue, ...)⁃ Training in resource management⁃ Insufficient communication⁃ Boredom1. SHELL modelThe SHELL model, proposed by Dr. Edwiyn Edwards in the seventies, has served as a guide in the study of how the factors around us interact with the human being, which is considered as a reference center.S-software (programs, procedures ...)H-hardware (equipment, instruments ...)E-environment (environment, environmental conditions ...)L-liveware (people)⁃ Hardware-liveware relationship:Adaptation of the machine to man.Compressing of rules and laws.⁃ Environment-liveware relationship:Meteorological conditions.Lighting, noise.⁃ Liveware-liveware relationship:⁃ Leadership, teamwork, attitudes.