Speaking of necessity


Acknowledge that I have spent time talking up a storm, we'll make it, one sometimes is influenced by what they think is normal.

When circumstances warrant it is advisable to always remain alert pending a listen, I have taught you. Rarely apply good intermediate term, it has allowed me to see me comfortable. If I have to choose an attitude I prefer to obey orders where I've really found much more comfortable, it has been possible by keeping silent. How easy it would have been doing what had to be done at all times from the beginning.

To say to the fact that often only open our mouths to avoid silence, this I leave to those who want to earn a living with it or need it to survive.

Right now, for example, as I write these lines, surrounded by the extensive device Red Cross volunteers in a preventive, I realize what my true calling. Is it really curious to guess as I am the only one who prefers to write ?. Impatient to start noticing as increases my need to talk to others, I repress and control it. I feel like a stranger here but it was because everyone has their act freely.

Of course, I had already noticed me d that the center of the world is beyond my reach, I get control of this text, which for me is an achievement with all the noise that I face. We were wrong most of the time to believing that others care about our excess shares. Any outstanding always dynamic way to the precise moment when I wake up sitting up in the emergency device, is spending the night with absolute confidence. Who knows, maybe put it fashionable to go with a notebook and a pen writing, it would be ridiculous. Some @ s look at me, raising his head and heard a voice asking me, are you writing ?. With all the comrades that are here possibly could talk ad nauseam.