Thanks and infinite gratitude


Dear volunteers, worker, partner and collaborator:

Get the deepest appreciation for the commitment, collaboration and provided voluntary dedication.

Whatever your action, it has made an invaluable help to many people, both those who have found themselves in a state of maximum vulnerability as for others involved in the emergency.

Without your help, it would not have been able to perform the action to help and achieve reach more people, it gives me great joy and pride to have this great team of people who make up the institution and know that, at times more complicated, we can follow me counting on you and of course , acknowledge the great willingness of the volunteers offered to help and support as necessary, from a list of reservations should see us on the need to increase human resources in addition to the anonymous people who contacted the same inquiet you.

By Finally , we have to feel "very proud" by the response we have given for people affected by the magnitude of emergencies we face.

It works to promote equal opportunities and thus who are in this situation of disadvantage have access to the market labor in equality of conditions .

Your heart solidarity can help .... develop a broad range of actions in the which addresses particular , difficulties that may be preventing access to the employment of a person in difficulty social .