Together in the nature


The other day as we walked think that's what we would like them both to escape the routine.

Jorge took days saying he wanted to whereever the field, and I have returned to broach the subject once the haze has disappeared.

This, coupled with the proximity of my soulmate participation in the Trans Gran Canaria as we like to walk, have even emerged the desire to go to the mountain.

There is nothing better than taking the bus with your partner, put on good shoes, take a notebook and a pen, and throw pa 'riba.

Go to a place where you can hear the sound of birds singing, leaves of trees when it comes a breath of fresh air. A place where you can breathe fresh air, away from everyday life and technology, where you can appreciate the wonderful vegetation on the island of Gran Canaria.

We both love the world of writing and to do so in nature and as a couple, it is indescribable.

Million thanks my everything. Together anything is possible.