Transgrancanaria participation


Yessss truly wanting him after all these years, I finally come true for my sporting dream, take part in the Ultra Trail World Tour Transgrancanaria.

When it seemed that things went wrong questions mainly dates on the calendar and I'm here writing from the career paths of most international mountain in the Canary Islands .

Many thanks to all people who have made me worthy to be able to enjoy the "golpito" of each of the stages through which passes this magnificent event.

Not only for the competition itself but also because my time has come to merge writing with endurance sport.

From today I will say, in summary accounts that the morning is pretty good full re to vibrate , encouraging me pa 'continue the cross - training I've been doing these first few weeks . This I managed to avoid injuries in triathlon I stay that meets my expectations in terms of qualities and characteristics that I have as Lifesaving personnel.

The starting line was left in the Presa de Chira where the sun still not looked at 8:30 when we left. At the beginning we went up a broad road for one kilometer walk to warm up and out of the past without pressure.

Then it formed a plug to the narrow race along a path quite ascending where it was difficult to overtake, on top of the food supply was with oranges, bananas, bars, dates, dried figs, ham, cheese, candy, drink sales and some other thing I do not remember since we started the descent chilling.