While I think the way


We have about 60,000 thoughts along one day, you tell me a ride to sort ideas, not sound encouraging.

Blessed are the couples we "hechamos the street" and give free rein to our imagination.

When writing the script for a story I decantare to develop a story based on a similar scenario to the one given in the movie Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz which follow a path, as if the Game of the Goose is question.

Who does not remember a scene from a movie where someone in the cast walk from one place to another with a pensantivo look on his face looks.

And for everything else, walk if only for your health, if you can do this is a must move on your own. Something must be wrong when we drive our fashionable gym is located 10 km from our house. Then we complain because our main means of transport is broken or melted us money that could be used elsewhere.

Regarding those who are more comfortable sharing their thoughts in public and / or confuse them my ideas, tell them, the intent of this new book is to open a window for fresh air to give hope to a public mainly looking for methods basic communication outside partner relationships. I will touch methods aimed at a reader that can range from an autistic child to the entrepreneur who is easy to relate and has become a leader.

I honestly think that talking is an art and do in public. It can present in every imaginable way. I generalize showing an absolute conviction that actively move simply thought because the large flow of variants that appear.

Something similar happens with words when we speak. Generally our active voice in other listeners thought both language as written, as if Letterman reggaeton singer in question.

People talk to get to understand more easily, which is fine if we do it from the heart, as large media stakes neither more nor less than the order of the thoughts that sometimes loses credibility.

It seems that finally the chats via smartphones is experiencing an increase in written communication that replaces the phone call. Like when someone moves down the sidewalk of a street in his neighborhood and suddenly sounds a message on his phone. Then answer until finally you realize that maybe you should stop and decide to pay attention relevant or follow your way. What you base your gift the precious time we have?