Dive Navigator Cressi Leonardo

To maximize its precision, the Leonardo has been calibrated in salt water. In addition, with a dive planning mode that includes a logbook with memory for about 75 dives or 60 hours of immersion, as well as its interface to connect to a PC via USB, with this dive computer it will be very easy to document and prepare your next visit to the depths. With a range of 3 years - or 50 dives a year - the durability of the Leonardo is unmatched in the industry.

Leonardo is the first computer designed, developed and produced in Italy 100% by its subsidiary Cressi Elettronica created 4 years ago.

It is a fully modular, robust and wide-screen UFDS computer that inherits the proverbial ease of navigation and menus from computers with Cressi software.

It has complete Nitrox management, Gauge mode, reset option.

The algorithm incorporates RGBM and deep stop.

Menus and navigation system identical to that of the rest of Cressi dive computers, therefore with an ease of reading, access to data and modification of model parameters.

Remarkable the ease of configuration, navigation through the different menus and access to the large amount of information that it always provides in a very intuitive way.

'Use Friendly Display System'.

The distribution of the information, screen contrast, proportions and size of the digits have been studied to facilitate reading.

All the data are presented segmented with slight separation lines that facilitate reading even in stress or emergency situations.

Backlit display by push button or in case of alarm.

Long battery life through a combination of systems:

economy mode when the computer is not used with automatic ignition, low consumption processor and CR2450 battery that can be replaced by the user without tools.

Interface with connection to the dive computer through Go simply supporting the computer and connection to the PC with USB cable.

Software compatible with all Windows and Mac versions.

Gauge calibrated in salt water for maximum precision in the most common use.

Four colors available:

Black-gray, black-navy, white-black, white-pink.


Versatile Air / Nitrox from 21% to 50% O² with increments of 1%.

Modified Haldane 9 tissue algorithm.

RGBM + Deep Stop (optional).

Customizable algorithm in 3 levels (Safety factor:

SF0, SF1, SF2).

It allows successive dives with different mixtures (it is essential to reprogram the mixture in case of using Nitrox).

P02 adjustable from 1.0 to 1.6.

Dive planning mode.

Independent logbook by modalities:

75 dives or 60 hours of immersion with 16 information data about each dive.

Profile mode:

On-screen minute-by-minute profile of all dives recorded in the logbook.

Variable ascent speed with graphic indicator and visual and acoustic alarms.

Predefinable altitude.

Acoustic, visual and display illuminated alarms:

PO2, CNS, ascent rate, DECO, DECO omitted, exceeded maximum depth (optional).

Calibrated in salt water for maximum precision.

NO DEC TIME and DEC TIME with three digits.

Optional safety decompression stop ('Stop') in case of dives in a safety curve.

Approximate autonomy of 3 years (50 annual dives).

Temperature, instantaneous PO2, time and mixture used visible under water at the touch of a button.

Backlit display (one press, 5 seconds).

Option Reset through menu.

Eliminates residual nitrogen memory for use in diving centers for rental or teaching.


Studied to provide the precise basic parameters for diving with mixtures with decompression tables calculated using specific programs.

Gauge calibrated in salt water (maximum precision).

Supply of current depth, maximum depth, dive time and temperature.

Logbook independent of dives carried out in 'Gauge' mode.

Actionable stopwatch.

CLOCK MODE (out of water):

Time, day of the week, date.

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