High Quality Protein Iced Coffee

Calling all coffee lovers!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a coffee drink that is not loaded with sugar, fat, and calories and that also tastes great.

We combine coffee with proteins to make a delicious coffee drink. Drink it when you are on the go or at home, and you need a delicious coffee.

It is blended with 100% Robusta coffee beans and has 15g of whey protein to help you achieve your goals, with a great and authentic flavor.

It has no added sugars, no colorings or preservatives, and it only contains 80 kcal per serving.

Add cold water, ice and enjoy!

Main benefits

• 80 mg of caffeine per serving.

• Real coffee beans for an authentic taste.

• Proteins help to increase and preserve muscle mass.

• Proteins contribute to the maintenance of bones under normal conditions.

• Low fat content.

• Without colorants or preservatives.

• High Protein Iced Coffee is a coffee drink that combines 100% Robusta coffee beans and 15g of high quality protein per serving.

• High Protein Iced Coffee is made without genetically modified ingredients *, contains no colorants or preservatives, no added sugars and is suitable for vegetarians.

• High Protein Iced Coffee contains naturally derived stevia.

• Just add two scoops of High Protein Iced Coffee to cold water for a delicious drink.

* According to European Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003


You can enjoy High Protein Iced Coffee at home or on the go whenever you need it. It is ideal for mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

To 250 ml of cold water add two tablespoons of High Protein Iced Coffee. Shake and add ice. Also try preparing it with a mixer at low speed for 5 seconds.

Enjoy this product within the framework of a varied and balanced diet, as part of an active and healthy lifestyle.

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