"Eva and the Canarian Lifeguard"

I seek to live with what I have, I am one more lifeguard, depending on my principles and values, I simply decided to write a book in show of gratitude and respect, I do not seek competition.Witnessing the quest for fame, he was always in me, I'm a lucky one.

35% of the sale of the book will possibly be donated to an institution in some social action that I do not know at the moment. I personally take care of the distribution of our book, as I do not want it to be a success in the Canary Islands either.

Sheets: 100 pages.
Size: 200 ml.


Eva and the Canary Lifeguard

• Writing a book
• First steps as first beach actor
• Volunteering
• Appearance of Eve
• Yupilandia, an ideal world
• Disconnecting networks
• An exemplary institution
• What I consider unfair
• You give it to me all coach
• Day-to-day work
• Helicopter practices from Zodiac
• Eva marry me
• English phrases

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