Herbalife 24 Enhanced Protein

High-quality dairy and whey-based protein powder that can be customized to meet your nutritional needs. Whether you're consuming it as a protein drink alone or as part of a recipe or booster in your favorite Herbalife24 shake, the combination of five multistage-released protein sources † provides amino acids immediately and continuously throughout your workout. The natural flavor with a soft touch of vanilla from Enhanced Protein Powder is ideal to combine with your favorite smoothies or recipes, and get a protein boost at any time of the day. For an added protein boost, add a serving of Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength Chocolate Flavor or Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor to a scoop of Herbalife24®Enhanced Protein Powder.

24 g of protein

5 sources of protein †

Amino acids help decrease muscle pain and improve repair and recovery *

B vitamins support energy for metabolism *

0 g of added sugar

No artificial flavors or sweeteners

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