"If I speak if for Money"

The title of the book is a metaphor which should be interpreted by the reader as follows; how we could lose money if we stay silent in certain situations.

It would be true if we claimed that re-ranging a conversation can serve as a powerful weapon when we compete in communicating. Keep in mind that information is the most valuable thing we have, so silence can be the ultimate blow to foster our potential future adversary friend.

Most of us to live, instead of surviving we need to increase zeros in our bank accounts. It is not such a crazy idea then that we have developed so many methods to obtain economic benefits, one very common is the one that touches, communication.

I will rely on all your forms of expression that I know, addressing, of course, anyone who is willing to receive and interpret the message, if only by education.

We ourselves must be free to become aware when we write down all our ideas with a pen on the agenda, with the right syntax and believe in our possibilities.

All part of the innate need of human beings to communicate to us. When we understand the dimensions with which our daily actions affect, we will be aware of our power. That's when we've won the battle for our unstoppable system that advances without your consent and which seems to force us, today more than ever, to use telecommunications.

It was my father with his brother who made the big leap when creating a cash register business in Gran Canaria, so I was determined to choose the electronics branch in communications. Before I finished my studies and after for many years the business flourished, it was time to close, bad luck?

For my part, after several years in different companies in the sector I came, after several somewhat risky decisions, to specialize in a technology that would mark the trend of the future. The idea of working in a mobile phone lab as a specialist technician was attractive, so with enthusiasm and many setbacks I accumulated 6 years in what was, at the time, the largest international firm of the time.

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