Phone Case Waterproof

Mobile waterproof case has a perfect tightness, watertight. Very useful for taking videos and photos under water.
High Touch Sensitivity: The touch screen can be used perfectly through the plastic, and is flexible enough to be able to press side buttons, You can take photos without removing the mobile from the case.
Universal size: It is suitable for smartphones under 6 inches and for cash, credit cards, etc. Compatible with most smartphones.
Reliable and Safe: The mobile waterproof case protects your personal belongings from water, snow, sand and dust. You can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without any worry. Such as diving, running, swimming, surfing, fishing, rowing a boat, camping and traveling. In addition, it contains the cord, you can put it around the neck or wrap it by hand, very easy to carry
Reminder: This waterproof liner is not recommended for mobile phones with thick cases (eg Otter box). The phone can be affected by hydraulic pressure under certain water depths, which will affect the operation of the touch screen. In this case, please press the volume button to take a photo; Not work for unlocking with Touch ID fingerprint readers.
Color available: green

1.35 € 2.85 €
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