"Two persons one goal"

We are Eva & Jorge a couple who were born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We have had (like many others) a strange family situation on the island, which has further favored a strong connection between the two. We are a great place to enjoy in our land with the people who live here, main reasons that consolidate the firm idea of staying forever on our island. The most authentic population and the wildest nature.

35% of the sale of the book will possibly be donated to an institution in some social action that I do not know at the moment. I personally take care of the distribution of our book, as I do not want it to be a success in the Canary Islands either.

Sheets: 100 pages.
Size: 200 ml.


Two persons one goal


• Our beginnings
• Training for the race
• Eat what you want
• Start a company
• You've taught me
• Disconnecting networks
• Do we study?
• Charitable fundraising
• For a life together
• At the top of power
• All with you

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