Eva Miranda Peréz is a Senior Technician in Administration and Finance and in Management Assistance from IES Felo Monzón. She studied at The American School in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

My services seek to achieve a higher level of experience, training, speed of processes with respect to oneself. Projects are managed through work tools. Database, inventory, templates, accounting, finance, etc.

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Being predisposed to changes are a must. He is focused on leisure. He founded a social network party.

Marco Doncel


They detected a disorder: insanity. I create a website where you can buy food directly from the producer, organic.

Isabel Ortiz


Life is two days: never give up. A company which turn photos into memories, whether in digital or physical format.

Cesc Vilanova


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Félix González


You can learn to undertake. Website that helps people find reform professionals.

Jordi Ber


The bankruptcy led to personal & professional success. He works as a personal mental trainer.

Javier Gil Llorens

Vigo Brain


About Economic Activity

20€ /  Hour

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, Power Point

15 € 


The new Entrepreneur

5 € 


Revistas / Flyers

10 € 


Archivo de Audio Digital

10 € 

Social Network

Job offer in the Digital Nomad style