Company registered in the Chamber of Commerce exercising the practice of Consulting, where mainly our client came from the RemoteWork market giving a real alternative to the term Coworking that has been carried out for the last decade and which is currently unfeasible due to the risk assessement for travellers and being in contact with other people.

We inform you that your personal the documents showing the Temporary Teleworking, Follow-up Agreements and Teleworking Risk Assessment Questionnaire. In any case, this last document is filled every daily, with the tasks carried out on that day and which have to be adjusted according to the population.

The cost of our services is at least far less in Spain that represents today due to the quarantine that is being ordered our clients.


Many challenges, one of them is to be able to follow our economic activity, since in the operation of the Spanish State, it´s Vital for the people who form the current system in the society we are in.

We present locally our support to people interested to provide a global solution to their habitand.
Fortunately, current technological resources allow its workers to keep developing part of their activity through the modality that follows, or through a combination of both, in person and remotely.

This possibility is something that we have already been implementing in our plant for a few years ago and that a part of our workforce has been authorized (due to family reconciliation or special situations), with the responsibility consequent of making this choice.
Currently it´s becoming the early mechanism more efficient to be focus in business, also we are starting implement to reduce the possibility of infection and to restructure the workforce.
For all of that we thank you in advance for your effort and commitment that you are surely having at the moment.

On the other hand, this possibility requires certain formalities that we need to carry out and everything become as rational and equitable as possible, to guaranteeing certain legal aspects as well. We have our own resources, we also have an Online worker board.

The techniques are used will be detailed according to your needs, after formalize as a our network relationships result of April 2019 settlement and once we reach a mutually agreeable.

Our professional objective are always designal to provide the efforts focus in obtain the marked results from a work line established by the two sides.

I want to have the opportunity to talk with you on a next personally appointment where we can develop your goals and wishes to be part of the TRAIL TRAVEL remote working group.

About Us

We are a couple who discovered the power to use all the emotions through different techniques such as the art of writing, looking forward in search of great goals, both make sure like individually human beings that married. We just stop fighter. Our main advice is that we take note of our thoughts. In this way we have an absolute commitment to the current situation, to companies and the people who need us.

Are you boring after dialogues where the results are not manifested?

Disappointed by always listening to what you have to do?

We present this remote Tour Operador Travel Agency to give training to our institutions and the Gran Canaria Pymes. We are doing our best to breathe in the best ambience, calm and discerned joined by bilingual speech.

A simple content, showing enthusiasm and being confident throughout proved to be the keys to success. We remember the important fact that this is our research and we´re experts.
By conveying passion in the content and enthusiasm for the findings. By this way, from our homes we have an absolute commitment to the current situation, to companies who needed ours tools and people in the healthy pursuit.


Heading for a responsible tourism revolution, it will be transformed for the vast majority into more than just a holidays. We promotion activities, tours and trips founded on principles of economic, social and environmental justice.

In Trail Travel we love what we do and that shows in our work. A multilingual project where you can share that experience with other people like you in a unique and environment setting.

In any case, if your plan is travel a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 90 days, we give you the avail to choose a care plan about your stay to benefiting when combine both programs, telework & free time. The great advantage of this modality is to be able to design the stay according to your work, support with a local Coworking associated with your destination point.

The hike camp, yoga retreat, trail camp and dive camp are more specific trips, therefore they have a higher final cost to cover and satisfy all to handle requirements raised of our clients.

We develops activities in nature, exploring areas, by a way that it will leave you a lot of time to tune with the action units and with life, at a playful, relaxed and social rhythm. We remember the important fact that in this research we´re experts in transmitting passion and enthusiasm for content.

Our presentation continue simple and at a level than everyone can understand to maintain interest, which has proven to be the key to our success. We strive to keep the initial agenda, delivering credibility and confidence throughout the process.

Las Palmas de G.C. (Spain)

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Blogger and telework staff who start homework, preferably native English speakers.
We are a legal company physically established on the island of Gran Canaria from where you will receive the correct and established professional support to formalize your business as a DN.
Receive advice in an easy and simple way to obtain your permanent residence thanks to our bilingual consultation manager of imminent hiring.

Connect to our tour where making yourself known will be the priority for the increasingly developed structure of local collaborators we have, where you can discover first-hand the raw material that each day is allowing us to expand our client portfolio by creating a broad synergy after establishing the contracts on a regular basis to start working.