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My biography


I was born in November 13, 1977, Gran Canaria Island, Las Palmas, Spain. I don't know exactly the hour, perhaps along the night.



LinkedIn social network growing like a stands out, which branch's used to be relevant from the corporate point of view as well as to approaching human talent from Labor Risk Prevention and Human Resources.

In the last psychological year’s in overall level, I’m confronted face to face with the issue of make public my handwritten, successfully as a #copywriter talking about the branch that offer some tools for free, being able to hire other payment services.



Since the last year we had been working in this new Trail Travel post, a digital communication chanel, where could show you the book in Spanish “Si hablo es or dinero”, therefore I’m so excited to present it for you NOW.

Already, in the year 2022, any display of one of our mobile management suite electronic devices is able to work with a large number of colors that entertain us visually through its lighting interface.

Staff Trial


Company dedicated to the promotion of local tourism is looking for a dynamic, extroverted staff with people skills. Great business opportunity. Contact Jorge Larrosa Anaya in this email, info@trailtravel.es.

Agency Partner


I'm Jorge Larrosa, CEO Digital Nomad Tour Operator at Trail Travel around the world.

Fortunately, I choose limited the Smartphone user since I don't think it ´s an essential tool to do my profession, in fact, yesterday I didn't take the mobile phone to work, I consider, in my case, their use makes me worse off instead help me.

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