We're a canary company founded in year 2020 based on principles of environmental and economic-social justice. Join the responsible revolution more than just life. In Trail Travel we love what we do and that shows our work.

Definitely. People are much more concerned with what they put in their bodies - they care about sustainability, seasonality, provenance, and it´s the same with drinks. They want more and make better choices. Mindful drinking is the trend of the moment or perhaps more of a movement. Anyway, it´s definitely healthier. It can mean different things to...

Blogging is a very popular digital nomad job that lets you work from anywhere. There are two ways that you can earn a living as a blogger. You can either sell your blogging services to clients and run their blogs or you could run your own blog and monetize it. In fact, you could actually do both!

A laptop and an internet connection are all that's required for some jobs these days - and many globetrotters are making the most of it, living and working in cities across the world.

Herbs & fruits


We've all got a favorite herb or fruit, but most of us probably don't know where they come from or what their plant even looks like.
We're sure you know about how a few of these foods grow, but most of you probably don't know all of them. It's also interesting to note how many different parts of these plants we like to eat....

Atamae 板前


There are several ways to cook Sushi, fit every taste. Raw vegetables and fish are common. This is a fairly exhaustive list of Sushi ranked with there ingredients, most of the dishes are made with rice mixed with vinager, bon appetit:



Mocktails drinks are definitely on trend. People are more conscious of what they drink now, so it's a natural progression that people want to drink better. There are an increasing number of individuals speaking out againt the term "mocktail", and many alternatives names being used for these delightful drinks such as virgin cocktail, soft cocktail,...

Sometimes it´s really difficult to think of ourselves this way. No one else is like you...no one has the unique traits and characteristics you possess.
When I founded Trail Travel at the end of 2020, I just knew I will blend mountains and travellers, add events and tours in Gran Canaria seemed to me more easy 1...

Trail Travel has been working hard for the last few years to propose an exciting alternative of responsible tourism, where we develop a global link that facilitates contact with people who love their country, unique in their profession and their customs.
How to combine travel with eating and being creative?
We organize private tours where we focus...



Heading for a responsible tourism revolution, it will be transformed for the vast majority into more than just a holidays. We promotion activities, tours and trips founded on principles of economic, social and environmental justice.



As you know, the current emergency situation presents many challenges. One of them is to be able to follow our economic activity, since in the operation of the Spanish State it is Vital for the people who form the current system in the society we are in.

About Us


We are a couple who discovered the power to use all the emotions through different techniques such as the art of writing, looking forward in search of great goals, both make sure like individually human beings that married. We just stop compete. Our main advice is that we take note of our thoughts. In this way we have an absolute...



We are a local agency to give in real-time a Coworker alternative. We have our resources in addition to being recorded in the register of the Trade Chamber like a Consulting Agency enable to take action immediately to solve the present requirement at the REMOTEs WORK needed.
By keeping our presentations at a level that everyone in the web...

I'm back


Hello, I'm back again with the script of this blog. Today is definitely an unforgettable day so I choose share it with all of you. I'm write from a remote location called Gran Canaria Isla (Spain). What is complete true that had been left to go to the beach with the most authentic people of the island, my neighbors of...

Trail Travel need for sharing posts is constant and continues to evolve as we navigate the Coronavirus health crisis. Sharing posts opportunities include supporting delivery much-needed services to your community. We have a wide variety of remote (work-from-home) opportunities available.

Good bye 2017


Hey there !, by now this new post in our blog to celebrate together something special. This year is almost finish, a life cycle when we moved to the mountain house retreat. Definitely Trail Travel has become a reality. Throughout these 365 days we have met many people along the way, everyone imperfect and wonderful. We wish you...

This is the first post of my visit to the Caldera de Taburiente National Park on La Palma Island. After a 4h walk, I find the perfect place to camp, I find myself surrounded by farms with avocado trees, orange, tangerine, grape, almond, etc over Las Cumbrencitas. Nothing else to do at night begins to rain, I put myself in...

Hello from Tenerife, I´d just arrived, I´m in touch with a member of sustainable Santa Cruz Fundation. Amazing to go forward with solidary trips for volunteers in mountain trail races through the sports services of ULL, where I have the opportunity to meet hikers lovers, activity very much requested, increasingly every year and welcome among all...

Hello world, I'm writing today live from the last travel like a Digital Nomad of this year 2017. I'm in Lanzarote sharing the experience Race Haría Extreme belong challenge Spain Ultra Cup. After a good time in the small village Haría, where I was talking with several people, among them Sr. Cata, Volunteers Leader Manager who recommend approach...

Hello, welcome and thanks for be here again, always happy and even more because it's time to the Olive season and we harvest some kilograms for self consumption and we are made preserved olives, the garden also is giving organic food, I'm grateful with all the nature offer me.

Hi , today we will speak about the faith, is defined as the conviction to believe in what we don't see. I started with Trail Travel by integrating in my consciousness the idea to start an alternative travel due my personal freedom situation.

Hello there!, you wellcome to read my blog. My name is Jordi and this is the continue the Trip Ultra Trail of the weekend wewent up to the Pyrenees and through the route we finded place to sleep.

Hello there, you welcome to see and know more about this new post Digital Nomad in Huesca - Spain. We wake up peaceful not much early at 9:00 a.m. in the local Camp in Alquezar, this place we could spend the night has given though the organization to help the persons came to work and enjoy this benefic action for the ...

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