What is a RPA?


The acronym RPA comes from the English Remotely Piloted Aircraft, it is comes to be translated as <remotely piloted aircraft>.With this word we refer to a subset of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or in English UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), generally known as drones. These can fly autonomously without the intervention of anyone.In the case of RPA,...

Stress is a physiological reaction of the body in which various defense mechanisms come into play to face a situation that is perceived as threatening or of increased demand.Stress is a natural and necessary response for survival, despite the fact that today it is confused with a pathology. This confusion is due to the fact that this defense...

The earth


To understand the environment in which we move and in which we carry out all our daily activities, we have to know in advance the main characteristics of it.

The wind


The wind originates from pressure differences that tend to balance out, from high to low pressures.These differences are produced by the uneven heating of the surface, when the air heats up, rises and to occupy that vacuum the circulating air moves towards the area where the depression has occurred.There are several factors that influence the wind...

Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, on civil protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and one's own image.

A front is defined as the boundary of separation between two air masses of different characteristics, mainly temperature and density.

Empathy: one must convey that one has the ability to see and feel, approaching the point of view of the affected person. This usually implies a quality of personal quality.Respect: sincere respect must be conveyed for the dignity and worth of those affected.
Authenticity: means honesty, trustworthiness, sincerity In working with people who may find...

This term could be defined as the state in which a person is aware of what is happening around him in the performance of a function and quickly recognizes if a change in the situation occurs.This concept is crucial to be able to become aware and do it in a correct way.There are several factors that influence the control of...

Cognitive behavioral scientists developed the following five-step a process to help you minimize this style of thinking as follows:

Great way to pay tribute to a great teacher I had, which helped us understand the give this important lesson.

Therapy is a field created for those who have a clear conviction of wanting to do a favor to yourself and others.

Acknowledge that I have spent time talking up a storm, we'll make it, one sometimes is influenced by what they think is normal.

The title of the book is a metaphor for thewhat should be Interpret to the reader thefollowing manner; as we could lose money if we remain in silence in certainsituations .



One day like today I fell in love with the most wonderful person in the sky. Eva, from the moment we chose ourselves, had the premonition that we should reach another level, writing to each other. Now, at this precise moment, while I let my emotions flow in this post, I put my feet on the ground, while the bus...

That's a topic I write very rarely, I resist me but I carry with honor. All who were born in the Canary Islands took him deep inside.



Plastics have become an essential part of our everyday life. We can find it in product packaging, clothing, cosmetics, construction materials...

Definitely. People are much more concerned with what they put in their bodies - they care about sustainability, seasonality, provenance, and it´s the same with drinks. They want more and make better choices. Mindful drinking is the trend of the moment or perhaps more of a movement. Anyway, it´s definitely healthier. It can mean different things to...

Online Shop


Under this new slogan, I begin once more the game towards the habit of writing, where I refer, more specifically, about products that I consider to be a trend, if we talk about the era of teleworking and more specifically in the process of traveling again, about all when it comes to long seasons.

Hi !, wecome to my blog, we continue another day, of course!. I feel blessed with your comments. Today I talk about topical subject as post in socialmedia, I use this communication line to reflect my life. Yes, I effort always to add interest content, incluides stipulations for my private gain I must renew my creativity may be most unleashes...

Service Prevention and Comprehensive Care for Women and Children Victims of Sexual Violence. direct assistance to victims, both adults and minors.

Would highlight risks to human health caused by water pollution, biodiversity loss, reducing the level of 0² in the water, etc.

Obviously, if you are reading this post, you are aware of the importance of love. Nowadays is cool believe that nobody should do anything but settle for what one really likes. Writing poetry, the world in a sailboat, paint: do what you really like.

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