We're writing this post to just wanted to say you thanks for your time!

Fortunately, I choose limited the Smartphone user since I don't think it ´s an essential tool to do my profession, in fact, yesterday I didn't take the mobile phone to work, I consider, in my case, their use makes me worse off instead help me.

My father is one of those people who think that you should have children in order to teach them what you learn, in the process of their growth knowless.

Opinion Survey


Hello, I ask you for a couple of minutes to give me your opinion among other things about the effectiveness in teleworking tools. We all want to be together, with a clear goal that should be avoid "shitting our hands" ... sorry for the last expression. I would like to explain better.

The freedom


I detach myself for just an instant from my selfish posture to assume that I'm getting trapped by the voracious anger that my humility unleashes.

For all we those who be in trend are expert about Social media as a common term.
I'm pick out for individual mention than I already felt obliged to write by myself in good things of life. I don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind is a next-generation technology mobile phones with its...

I admit that I have spent long time ago talking as a blue streak to refill the silence. What can we do?, if you allow yourself to be seduced by what you considers ethical, it's a perfectly normal procedure

Social Media


Today I'm talking about a topic such a "post" in social media channel. I'm use this communication line to reflect or not my private life.

We have about 60,000 thoughts during the day, don't you tell me that walk by day doesn't sound encouraging. I think it too helps clarify matters.

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