Wine Route

South Africa

Cape Town

· Localitation: South

· Area: 2,446 km²

· Habitants: 4.628 millions (2022)


· Humidity: 10%

· Temperature: 26º / 15º

· Precipitation: 300 mm


The beauty of this route comes so easily because the product that draws them is the wine. The grapes and the fact that the history of its first extraction dates back to 20.000 B.C. Get to discover the natural environment where the vineyards are grow, a joy only possible to experience by having a hike these lands full of vines hiding. We visit premium wine estates, but also doing things that any other ordinary tours do, that why Trail Travel get to enjoy but mostly a real African experience in the heart of the winelands. We keep running schedule tours 7 days a week. Cape Town have the right weather for search a high quality wine. This is thanks to its flexibility, please ask any questions and speak to us to design tour dream tour that fits your preference. If you're a wine lover, once again, we guarantee this tour is going to be unique and unforgettable. Let us show you the several vineyards we have carefully selected due to their wine tradition and their heady height location. New and traditional flavours which will open a window to the traditional African knowledge expert though the best wine tastings. Regarding the previously mentioned information to one selected wine route. Local cheeses paired with selected wines. A hearty pick nick is served in the middle of the wine lands. You'll be picked up at your place in Cape Town by one of our wine lords between 8:00 - 9:00 am. We visit 5 different wine estates. Some of those places are only visited by locals people with the others beings world famous.
From these vineyards we can see the view of the Catchment Mountain in the summit, it a cliffs brushing the clouds. Amazing landscape!. The grape's aroma and variety allows the production of different wines with a great aroma and personality that sets it apart from the rest distinguish them. The vineyards located in Stellenbosch originated in the 80's. They're grown in espalier to improve it growth and aeration. These yards with every wine vintage wins in quality and nuances. We get you to meet the rural areas and sometime and the wine makes themselves, sharing stories, photos and videos with them, We get you to the true culture live experience in one of the most renowned wine region of the world. A REAL South Africa. It's now a journey that you can become true...After this marvellous cellar has give you a treasure tastes than we'll show you around the most beautiful spots.

Hike - Tablet Mountain

This picturesque flat-topped mountain is located in a well-known prominent place that dominates Cape Town in South Africa represented so beautifully on flag and other local logos. It's a very important and influential tourist attraction of a lot of people internationally. This mountain recently has become one of the seven wonders of this wizened earth since 2.011. The main feature of Tablet Mountain is a plateau from 3 Kms from side to side, surrounded by rugged cliffs. The highest point is to the east and is maked by the local Maclear Lighthouse (Beacon Maclear), a mound of stones as a sign built in the year 1.865 by Sir Thomas Maclear. It's located 1.086 m.a.s.l. The original name was Hoeri Kwaggo ("mountain of the sea") given to the mountain by the first Khoi inhabitants who roamed this area. The highest points are often covered by the natural beauty of orographic clouds. The legend attributes this atmospheric phenomenon to a competition between the devil and a local pirate Van Hunks. The main vegetation is the rich Cape fynbos, which is part of the protected areas of Cape Town Floristic Kingdom. This is a world heritage site, an estimated 2.200 species of plants are founded only in this mountainous area. Remnant and ancient native forest patches than persist in one of the hill more exposed of the city, where the condition are very dry and adverse for the forests. The most commonly visualised animal is the dassie or rock hyrax, both be considered epidemic in the segment of the earth. The last lion in the area was shot by the circus performers in the year 1.802. Leopards inhabited on the mountain until the year 1.920. Prehistoric humans left evidence here than 600.000 year ago, fossils around 8.000 BC.

In the year 1.796, along with the British usurpation. James Henry ordered to build King's Blockhouse, still kept very well, accessibility is easy straight from Rhodes memorial. The cable railway takes people from the lower valley at the top of the peak, which offers views overlooking Cape Town city, Mesa Bay and Robben Island to the north. Rotate 360° along the slope and downhill, unleashing the panoramic, top offered viewpoints, landmarks, shops, restaurant and pedestrian walk path of several lengths. Table Mountain was appointed in the year 1.998 as a National Park.

Choose the route that best suits you

Level 1

Distancie: 3,5km

Slope: + 200m / - 100m


Level 2

Distancie: 7,5km

Slope: + 400m / - 200m


Level 3

Distancie: 12,5km

Slope: + 500m / - 350m


Wine Route