Trail Travel develops a enterprise in nature, exploring places, in such a way that it will leave you a lot of time to tune in to life, at a calm, relaxed, social and without injuries. We offer you the opportunity to spend a different day in the company of our guest a professional freediver instructor, who create life-changin experiences.. We can use some technique to test its favorable effects on concentration, memory, digestion, flexibility, anxiety, balance, self-consciousness, well-being, the method of evasion or control of breathing, drifts of fatigue adrenal, avoiding cognitive deterioration, providing health and vitality.

Emotional and spiritual balance, from where you have to maintain natural and biological health. These techniques are interpreted by the brain as a sign of "no danger", this begins to generate endorphins that lead neurons to a situation of normalcy, relaxation, well-being and happiness. It produces a relaxation of muscular tensions and pain, in addition to an improvement in stress management to feel fully in tune with the body and mind.

You can breathe from your diaphragm, this technique we know how "breathing with the stomach". When you learn this type of breathing, belly swells to inalar. Allows you to hold your breath even more with that hyperventilation and moreover it is more secure. The key is the mental preparation in harmony with nature. Cortisol generates a thickness in the brain and slows the pace of the neuronal functioning.

We´ll explore the coast in an environment that promotes positive results, leading to ​​valores of tolerance, solidarity, participation, etc.

Previous participants have gone through things like making a fundamental career change, running an ultramarathon, leaving a bad relationship, running a track race for the first time, starting over after a devastating loss and much more. And even if you are not looking for any kind of change in life, you can still expect to connect with some amazing, inspiring and adventurous people like you.


  1. Initial Mindfulness (classroom)
    11:00 - 11:45h
  2. Freedive class (swimming pool)
    12:00 - 13:00h
  3. Snorkel (sea)
    13:00 - 16:00h
  4. Technical (beach)
    16:00 - 17:00h


- Instructor / Producer / Drone Pilot
- Brainstorming
- Methodology 
- 3 Organic Energy Bars
- 8 Sushi
- 2 Vegan Drinks
- Transport
- Multimedia

Feed your soul, lift your spirit and strengthen your body


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