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Plan your travel as a volunteer that matches one of the most spectacular mountain races on the planet! Action open to all people who have a responsible, committed personality, with capacity to teamwork.


Has a poster of runners of the highest international level, in Mont Grand-Fonds Ski Resort the 12 Edition take place UT Harricana ®, September 09 - 10 - 11th year 2022 in La Malbaie (Quebec). Mountain endurance run in conditions of semi self-sufficiency. The course runs through the stunning landscape, meadows surrounded by oak, pine and beech trees.

An authentic trail running experience in Canada's wild backcountry. Trails dense with raw nature and wildlife. A rich ecosystem in a unique UNESCO world biosphere reserve. Summits where the wind carries the scents of the St. Lawrence River and the boreal forest.

A remote and authentic ultra race deep in the Canadian wilderness. The race is a perfect mix of flowing and technical terrain. The start is right in the heart of Charlevoix's wild backcountry. Passing several lakes, runners get the chance to encounter Canadian wildlife, including beaver, porcupine or moose. Farther along, they face four ascents: Mount Lac-à-L'Empêche and Mount Morios, with their breathtaking panoramic views of the area; Noyee mountain, with its ridge shaped like a woman floating on water; and lastly, Noire mountain, on trails specially developed by the Harricana team, that provides a beautiful view of Mont Grand-Fonds.

It presents 6 modalities:

  • UTHC125.: 122 KM / + +3.900 mt.
  • UTHC65.: 62 KM / + 1.500 mt.
  • UTHC42.: 42 KM / + 1.060 mt.
  • Trail 28.: 28 KM / + 1.000 mt.
  • Trail 10.: 10 KM / + 200 mt.
  • 5Km Road Race.: 5 KM

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📍09 - 11th Sept 2022 UT Harricana

* The group must be made up of a minimum of 3 members

* Ask for your special bonus (advance)

* Accommodation included

* Meals included (every day)

* Transfer availability

* Clothes delivered by the organization