Hike & TrailRun

Trail Travel develops a enterprise in nature, exploring spots, in a way that leaves you a lot of time to synchronize with life, at a leisurely, relaxed, social and injury-free peace. We offer you the opportunity to spend a different day in the company of our interpretive guide - instructor and dron pilot who discovers the hidden gems of the archipelagos for you. Through these visits along the paths of the Island offers experiences that influence the depth of his being. Space where the greatness to the nature offert oportunities to deeper expertise our contact and nourish our friendship through the senses.

The activity is takes place in the area not too far away from the civilitation, starting inside the canarian style estate ownership of Trail Travel. This house have one teachroom where the mindfulness class will be implemented to coach body and mind in order to be ready for the mountain experience in the deeper Forest Reserve area, where enjoy in a steam atmosphere of peace that surrounds us. Before starting the activity you would tasted a full breakfast with our traditional: such us knäckebröd, fig jam, goat cheese, pankaces, energy bars, sushi, organic juice with tuno indio and some fresh news that will delight so famous and great moment.

We all follow a path as in life, unconsciously on autopilot and we benefit from it, however the fact of walk with conscience a deeper and wakeful effect attain a special effect more deeper and wakeful. Mindful Hike & TrailRun means be concience in every moment walking in the way lefting the series of talks further behind and open unexpected portal that can be available at your reach.

The physical, the mental and the emotional, these 3 aspects are in every moment of the practice Mindful Hike & TrailRun. Many times we focus solely and exclusively on training the body to be able to walk better. However, sometimes we forget that we also have to train our mind to help us archieve our goals.

To achieve a healthy functioning it is necessary to tune in to what your body needs. We will explore paths in an environment that favors positive results, all fostering values ​​of tolerance, solidarity, participation, etc. Everything that happens have synchronicity and the chance is left to one side. If this activity is part of your personal journey, you will find this listing and there will be square to enjoy and let go. Through this activity some people have opened a new page in their life. This has happened because they were ready to do that and decided to take action.


  1. Start - Initial Session (classroom)
    10:30 - 11:00h
  2. Hike & TrailRun (forest reserve)
    11:00 - 14:00h *Break 30 min. ✍️
  3. Briefing (technical / brainstorming)
  4. 14:00 - 14:30h
  5. Gastronomic Farm (visit)
    14:30 - 16:00h
  6. Stretching - End


- Guide / Instructor
- Transfer
- Insure
- Tasting 
- 3 Organic Energy Bars
- 8 Sushi
- 2 Vegan Drinks
- Drone Film

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 Hike & TrailRun

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