Lanzarote - Spain

Plan your vacation that matches one of the most spectacular mountain races on the planet and travel in a mark of VOLUNTEERING and free relation ! Solidarity action open to all people who have a responsible, committed personality, with capacity to teamwork.

HG Haría Extreme ® Lanzarote starts from the center of Haría Town, 8th Edition November 20 - 23th, 2019, Spain. The goal behind the creation of Haría Extreme was to run, and keep running. Cicar Ultra Haría Extreme Lanzarote is a race that covers the island almost entirely from south to north. Starting at the National Park of Timanfaya, with a total of 102kms of volcanic soil, beaches and mountains with very technical areas.

Is a fast race; only the final part will slow down the participant who will need to catch air to beat the last stages of the Haría Extreme Lanzarote: Risco de Famara and the legendary "lengua de lava" (petrified lava). Haría is a small town in the north of Lanzarote that dreamed to show its spectacular natural places to the most curious runners throughout their mountains.

We don´t have large massifs but what we do have are majestic and thrilling cliffs, with technical and volcanic terrain, with wild coast, with lava and sea, heat and fire...
These are key factors that will guide us like David against the Goliath of Ultratrail, and settle with great respect in the best national ultra-marathon circuit: the Spain Ultra Cup Aml Sport HG.
The objective is very clear: ensure that the runner enjoys Haría Extreme the same way as we conceive it (as a trail running sporting festival).

It presents 5 modalities:

  • Ultra.: 102 KM / + 3.200 mt.
  • Marathon.: 44 KM / + 1.610 mt.
  • Medium.: 23 KM / + 860 mt.
  • Starter.: 10 KM / + 750 mt.
  • Kids Extreme.: 17 KM / + 470 mt.

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📍 18 - 25th November 2019 Volunteering HG Haría Extreme