Plan your work travel that matches one of the most spectacular mountain races on the planet! Action open to all people who have a responsible, committed personality, with capacity to teamwork.

Réunion Island

The Gran RAID Diagonale des Fous is included in the UltraTrail World Tour ® (UTWT) in San Pedro town the 32 Edition October 19 - 20 - 21th year 2022 in Reunion Island (France). It´s located in the Indian Ocean, probably one of the most difficult in the world of its kind races. Participants must cross all the island, passing through several stations where you can stock up water and food. The organization also provides an opportunity to monitor the athlete's progress, plus an excellent security team that will monitor every meter of the race.

The race allows explore some iconic corners of Réunion, such as the sunrise in Saint Philippe, the volcano and its desert areas of lava, the Plaine des Sables (the Plain of the Sands) and its moon surroundings, the Plaine - des - Cafres (the Plain of the Cafres) and its tall grass,the cirques and its abrupt rock walls as well as the Plaine d'Affouches (the "affouche" is an endemic tree of the island).

In addition to the race conditions, the event is also known for its crazy party atmosphere and the incredible community spirit that manifests itself around the event each year. The Grand Raid Diagonale des Fous is very deep atmotphere with a large global impact of runners landing on the island.

It presents 4 modalities:

  • Diagonale des fous.: 164 KM / + 9.917 mt.
  • Bourbon Trail.: 97 KM / + 3.200 mt.
  • Mascarenes.: 65 KM / + 1.000 mt.
  • Zembrocal trail (Team Race)
    56 KM / 64 KM / 65 KM

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📍 13 - 27th October 2022 Raid Diagonales / D. Nomad

* The group must be made up of a minimum of 3 members

* Ask for your special bonus (advance)

* Accommodation included

* Meals included (every day)

* Transfer availability

* Clothes delivered by the organization