Cheese Route

Gran Canaria


Location: Center

· Area: 103 Km²

·Habitants: 2.012 (2022)


· Humidity: 18%

· Temperature: 21º / 16º

· Precipitation: 700 mm


This tour we set out to find the true jewels of Gran Canaria. The idea of ​​Trail Travel Tours came from the curiosity to know more about the island and the customs of its inhabitants.
Among the variety of products offered on the route is the cured goat cheese appellation of origin that will leave you with a slightly dry and acidic taste at the  end, homemade cheeses elaborated in a traditional way that are absolutely incredible, always made with the best selection of raw milk, evolving naturally, giving it a unique flavor that true lovers of cheese will definitely appreciate. 

This is the route of tranquility and intense flavor. It is a complete tour through which we get to experience the real Gran Canaria and its different climatic zones. Denominated as a continent in miniature due to the variety of landscapes that it offers, an island that also is unknown even for its inhabitants. Here you will really experience a different part of these paradisiacal enclaves, well beyond the tourist development of the south side. We are going through high mountains with amazing views without stress. From the heights we can see the Tenerife bottom and the volcano Teide, which stands as the highest point in Spain.
Sheep do not produce milk in the summer!

This is the time of year when they are pregnant and give way to the new generations, their lambs will be the ones who will produce milk in the fall. Transhumance is defined as a type of grazing in constant movement of the herds, adapting to areas of changing productivity, where the grass grows by temporality, from lowlands to highlands, with the change of seasons. The movement of the herd is in function of those of the fallen rains in the island.

All our works are the result of love for things well done. Elaborated with love and the detail that makes it exclusive. It is the meeting between tradition and modernity. We go through the vegetation, enjoying life naturally and absolutely abundance with authenticity !
The day offers many attractions, nature and very varied temperature changes. An extra jacket is recommended.

All routes include tasting, hiking, picknick, transportation, insurance and guide.

Hike - Roque Nublo Park

It is the epicenter of the magnificent network of nature trails offered by Gran Canaria, located in its territory the Pico de Las Nieves, recorded as the highest point of the island, whose peak rises to 1,949 mnm, offering spectacular views of the areas Humid regions of the summit where the canary pine dominates in reforestation with epiphytic lichens hanging from the tree, together with some areas, also of California pine. In the higher sections of the west and south, the same type of vegetation continues, although forming more open forests. This has led to the destruction and fragmentation of the pine forest as a result of the change in the use of forest land and the various unsustainable uses.

The Caldera de Tejeda exhibits the result of a volcanic past and the effects caused by the erosion processes, which have led to a dramatic, rugged, rugged relief and diverse geoforms. The great rocks, symbols of the island, a swarm of conical dykes injected centuries ago in the caldera on the deep ravines, as well as the vertical walls, impress even more force to the landscape that, at the same time that is wild, is powerfully attractive.

Here we can observe geological phenomena, such as Roque Nublo, fantastic volcano rock that is the largest symbolic of Gran Canaria, we will meet at 1.813 m.n.m. It bases its pillars on the solid base of a delicate natural environment and the formations that protrude from the ground are based on flows of nepheline basanítica of the cycle post roque. All this creates an enclave of high ecological value, landscape, cultural and environmental, which enjoys the declaration of Biosphere Reserve. In turn, overlooking the magnificent Roque Bentayga and spectacular basaltic python, it is constituted as a place of worship revered in antiquity.

Choose the route that best suits to you

Level 1

Distancia: 3,5km
Desnivel: + 200m / - 100m


Level 2

Distancia: 7,5km

Desnivel: + 400m / - 200m


Level 3

Distancia: 12,5km

Desnivel: + 500m / - 350m


 Cheese Route

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