Caffee Route

Gran Canaria


Location: Northwest

· Area: 45,5 km²

· Habitants: 5.618 (2022)

Humidity: 18%

· Temperature: 21º / 16º

· Precipitation: 500 mm


Did you know that a third of the world's population is drinking coffe?. For each and one of us coffee is a ritual, a unique moment of aroma and flavor. Think a second before you take the first sip. The most of us know little of these fruits, their origin and production. What plant does the coffee come from? How does it look and how did the coffee arrive to Gran Canaria ?

The exceptional route of today takes us to the most fruitful area and perhaps the most beautiful place on the island. Natural surroundings that keeps tradition and uniqueness so that we can truly experience the contrasts for which Gran Canaria is so well known for. An ideal place to plant and make coffee. This route gives you the opportunity to know the only place where coffee has traditionally been cultivated in Europe since the arrival of several plants of the Arabica Typica variety at the beginning of the 19th century. Amazing exotic flora. You will find grapes, avocado, orange, mango and of course the farm pride, the coffee plants.

Trail Travel Tours offers the possibility to visit this wonderful place and fantastic views. The farm is perfectly located in the northeastern part of the island in a valley between the high mountains where the humidity is mild, ideal factor for this type of agriculture.
Mr. Antonio Márquez is the manager, the first Q Grader of the Canary Islands and AST Trainer for the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe), a worldwide reference in education. The farm has grown in international recognition. 

A coffee dried in the sun and watered by spring water in order to promote the formation of new flavors, which ensures a differentiation and an illustrious touch to this coffee. Obviously we can not leave the farm without a real tasting !. Here we let the taste buds also have their experience, tasting the star product of its own farm.
It is now time to let yourself be carried away by the powerful aroma, its history, the microclimate of this valley and the great cliffs that surround it ...

All routes include tasting, hiking, picknick, transportation, insurance and guide.

Hike-Tamadaba Park

Its network of ravines is of a remarkable singularity, the escarpments and massifs of this zone configure an erosive landscape of contrasts, where you can identify certain natural elements of notable geomorphological interest. It houses one of the best preserved natural pine forests of the island, of remarkable efficiency in the hydrological catchment, as attested by each of its artificial prey in its surroundings. In the north slopes where the influence of the trade winds prevails or in the foothills of Tirma and Altavista, appears the undergrowth where they develop leafy thickets with olivillos, heather or acebiños proof of the humidity and the low temperatures of this place. Here, nature is hard to beat!

In Tamadaba the fauna is also remarkable, especially birds and reptiles. It welcomes most of the birds present on this island. In the whole area of ​​the park, but especially in the midlands, you can find the giant lizard "Gallotia" of Gran Canaria and also the lizard locally known as "La Lisa" with green or blue tail, is considered a reptile difficult to find. Invertebrates, many more numerous but unnoticed, have a high degree of endemism. All the space, except for one sector in the locality known as "El Risco", is Area of ​​ecological sensitivity. This area has been declared an area of ​​special interest par excellence, concerning the conservation of wild birds.

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Level 1

Distance: 3,5km

Slope: + 200m / - 100m


Level 2

Distance: 7,5km

Slope: + 400m / - 200m


Level 3

Distance: 12,5km

Slope: + 500m / - 350m


 Caffe Route

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