Mushroom Route



· Localitation: North

· Area: 144,6 km²

· Habitants: 247 (2022)


· Humidity: 30%

· Temperature: 20º / 15º

· Precipitation: 500 mm


Once in Gèbre we can appreciate that it's a fertile place, with a beautiful vegetation, a town that formerly moré transcendence and importance culture maintain. We're offer the opportunity to connect deeper with nature. Trail Travel Mushroom Tour takes you into an abundance world. While having fun of seeking and finding places, you learn to how pick up the best ones and leave poisonous mushrooms to the forest. 

With us you learn how recognised and use healthy and delicious herbs from the nature. A walk in the nature allows you to enjoy and relax understanding. All of this with delightful company and guidance, you'll get the chance to discover French secrets fauna and flora while you have a stroll into the wilderness! We take a look in the wild depths with a binoculars and magnifying glasses and learn the simple way to how can walk safely outdoors in Pyrénées Park. Perhaps is could be possible cook your own food over the open fire. Focus on your well-being! This is the trekking Tour par excellence in the mountain trails recharging our soul and spirit to whet our appetite by the way. Feel the adventure sense and being part of your surrounding. Looking for mushrooms in the forest is mean a perfect activity day fits to every age. It's refrigerator and helpful to the mind to find relax, empower and peace, as you stroll with other fellow people who like mycology. Like you get all of those restored the batteries reloaded your energy for other things in life. When you find edible mushrooms is like a treasure hunt, you forget all about daily work. Once you'll see mushrooms everywhere! Find yourself a good time and join us in an adventure! Experience with us a different kind of day, full of fragrances and flavours and unexpected world in the midst of an exuberant nature. This day will be truly the spectacular Gédre (France)

Hike - Gédre

Located 1000 m.a.s.l., at the confluence of the Gavarnie and Héas river, Gédre is a typical rural town in the pyrénées mountain where their residents are excited to share with us the pastoral pace life they joy daily. This small village gets its name from the local patois- "yer" is the summer livestock, itself a contraction of "Yerbo" - grass. Settles In the Pyrénées National Park area where they people was working long time ago for the harmonious development, with respect to each other neighbourhoods with a pastoral economic lifestyle.

Gédre has always been a pastoral village. It natural environment are extremely rich, fragile and well-preserved flora and fauna. A Luz hamle for a long time it become a village by they own in the year 1.789. It's extensive with over 14.000 hectares and is composed by many hamlets which building an historical herding places with water points. The road between Luz and Gédre was constructed in the year 1.947. Enjoying together amountain visual symphony - cirques of Estaubé and Troumouse, Bue Valley and its lakes, or the Saugué plateau, with its incomparable view points are a festival for the eyes! On the Héas Valley, filled with stories and legends about virginal apparition and it chapel, you can also see the Gloriettes dam and, downstream towards Luz Pragnères, the build of the Pragnères hydroelectric powerhouse, one of the largest in Europe, along with its supply network including Néouvielle lake.

The Pyrenean Isard is the pyrénées emblematic animal. It can easily see in valleys, unlike the shyer mouflon. As for bears, whose future is increasingly threatened, they're actually much more to talk than really means. In the sixties, the survival of the Pyrenean Isard (Ruprica pirenaica), was threatened and endanger due to excessive hunting. In the year 1.967, species protection polity was put in place by National Park and therefore partially enabled to restrain its extinction. Another endemic animal is the Pyrenean desman or "rat-trompette ", and aquatic mammal. In recent years, a specie's protection National plan has been implemented.

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Level 1

Distancie: 3,5km

Slope: + 200m / - 100m


Level 2

Distancie: 7,5km

Slope: + 400m / - 200m


Level 3

Distancie: 12,5km

Slope: + 500m / - 350m


Mushroom Route

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