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Gran Canaria Island

The North Face ® HG Transgrancanaria starts from the center of Agaete town, 14 Edition February 23 - 24 - 25 - 26th year 2023 in Gran Canaria (Spain) with hundreds of headlamps that guide the athletes in their first few km of running at night. Transgrancanaria is a race that has been held on the island of Gran Canaria since October 2003.

The participants must cross the island on foot passing through several aid stations where they can replenish their water and food supplies, also giving the organisation a chance to monitor the competitors' progress. The races many different formats present participants with a real adaptation challenge.

While being fundamentally different, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour races have common values, which they are proud to share and to promote. Ethics, equality in sports, self-respect, respect for others, for the Environment ... Taking part in the UTWT ® is the opportunity, throughout the years, to discover cultural and sporting differences in each of the 5 continents. The HG Transgrancanaria is the pioneer of this kind of event in the Canary Islands. The organizer of the race, have placed Transgrancanaria ® as one of the main highlights on the national, European and now, the World stage.

It presents 6 modalities:

  • 360º. to be announced.
  • Transgrancanaria.: 125 KM / + 7.500 mt.
  • Advanced.: 64 KM / + 3.200 mt.
  • Marathon .: 42 KM / + 1.000 mt.
  • Starter.: 30 KM / + 750 mt.
  • Promo.: 17 KM / + 300 mt.

Oficial Web HG Transgrancanaria


📍 23 - 26th Feb 2023 TransGC

* The group must be made up of a minimum of 3 members

* Ask for your special bonus (advance)

* Accommodation included

* Meals included (every day)

* Transfer availability

* Clothes delivered by the organization