Hawaiian TRIP

Volcano & coast in USA, in the hawaiian archipelago, enjoy activities such as Hike, Trail Run, Yoga, Freedive, Hike and Trail Running in Big Island with Lena Gavelin. She is a well-known professional runner. She works as a teacher and sports coach, she also organizes her own fields of education. Lena holds the record in Classics Lidingöloppet 30 Kms and has won the Swiss-Alpine.

Big Island

This Yoga - Freedive Retreat is celebrated from November 05 to 15th, 2024 in Big Island. Join Lena Gavelin on a journey full of experiences, training and formation!
Do you want to feel the joy and freedom of the mountain and beach in a paradisiacal place, experience an incredible country like Hawaii (USA), good food, local people, culture and of course quality training? Then join this trip!. Experience with us the extraordinary hawaiian nature, the REAL paradise!

Travel information

Dates: From November 05 to 15th, 2024 
Place: Hilo / Big Island / Hawaii Islands / USA
Maximum 14 members, in order of arrival ...
The TRIP is between the collaboration of Lena Gavelin and Trail Travel belonging to Campanyon Travel Guide & Consultancy AB / Org. do not. 556964-0203.
You have attended a class or talk of sports activities such as yoga, freedive, hike, or trail run. Maybe you were in a workshop (meditation, mindfulness, breathing) and now you want to be more serious! The decision for your next trip is taken!
Rolls of approximately 10 or 15 km, where it is also possible to choose a shorter distance. The conferences are conducted by inspiring "Motivation". Good morning is given based in the Yoga flow. Energy yoga workshops, execution technique and strength training. The places where we freediving that very diversified. Transportation is long-range, approximately 30 km, with a local guide.

Carefully thoughtful foods, natural products without chemical processing that fit within the daily routine.

The Yoga Center is located in the upper part of Hilo, 30 minutes from the city but a million kilometers from tourism and stress. It is a place to understand and appreciate the true Hawaiian essence. The houses are built with large terraces provided with enough space in front of them to relax and enjoy the views.

Exercise a couple of times a week before the trip. For the Trail Travel Hawaiian Trip it would be ideal if you have previously trained and in that way be more prepared, although it is not an indispensable premise. During the Trip we will travel to the neighboring island of Tenerife to see first-hand the development of local products and taste coffee, goat cheese, chocolate, pineapple, macadamia, tropical fruits ... Same we are in the mountain that we are on the beach, therefore, there are many differences. We make stops where to visit the cities, see the landscape, take a video / photo and enjoy!



Departure from Washington D.C.


Departure from New York


Departure from Chicago


Departure from Las Vegas


Departure from San Francisco


Departure from Los Ángeles


Departure from San Diego



- Round trip air tickets.
- Accommodation for 10 nights on average.
- Pension in room for 2 pax with own bathroom.
- Transportation in the island, airport transfer.
- Activities and Tours.
- Insurance.
- Taxes.

Departure from Madrid


Departure from Barcelona



- Round trip air tickets.
- Accommodation for 10 nights on average.
- Pension in room for 2 people with own bathroom.

- Transportation on the island.

* Price per person.
* Minimum age 18 years (if they go alone).

In sort, we present a new travel concept to Hawaii (USA). For more information contact with Lena at lena@run4heart.se / Sweden [T. + 47 46 66 63 47] or with Jorge booking@trailtravel.es / Spain [T. + 34 645 09 00 10] .. or confirm attendance booking accommodation.

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