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Ultra Trail Australia ® is an ultra trail world race event that takes place in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park, to celebrated its 8 Edition October 27 - 28 - 29 - 30th year  2022 in Australia. The best place to build what would be Australia's most challenging, stunning and prestigious 100km trail running event with a substantial increase in the entrant numbers in Furber Stairs Time Trial and Event Expo. It have captivated runners locally and internationally and It has quickly grown to become one of the most talked about endurance events in Australian history.

It is run over an adventure filled 4 days, it is the biggest trail running party that Australia has ever seen! The Ultra-Trail Australia party is an energetic and dynamic hub where runners of all abilities and their families can learn about trails, gear, nutrition, training, race strategy and more.

Where athletes, families and friends shop, make connections and build relationships with other runners, coaches and brands. Known as The North Face 100 from 2008 to 2015 and as Ultra-Trail Australia 100 from 2016 onwards. Stunning views, lots of stairs and an elevation gain.

Present 5 modalities:

  • UTA100.: 100 KM / + 4.400 mt.
  • UTA50.: 50 KM / + 2.400 mt.
  • UTA22.: 100 KM / + 1.200 mt.
  • UTA951.: 1,2 KM / Limit time: 30 min.

Oficial Web UT Australia


📍27 - 30th October 2022 UT Australia 

* Minimum group of 3 members
* Ask for you promo special bono
* Free Official accomodation partners
* Food Include (everydays)
* Free transfer from aeroport to the accommodation
* Uniform organization´s expense