Agency Partner



I'm Jorge Larrosa, CEO Digital Nomad Tour Operator at Trail Travel around the world.

We're a multilingual agency that developed many kinds of tours and we offer the staying option in glamping, cabins, tents and hammocks with the Campanyon guarantee that gives you 365 customer service assistance. We work in Canary Islands.

Fortunately, the 4th wave of covid caused by the Omicron variant is slowing down at a good pace. We provide advice on vaccination certificates (antigen test, PCR, dose, etc).

I would like to introduce you to my project and collaborate with you so that you can offer to your clients our gastronomic, cultural and adventure experiences.

In fact here you have our digital catalog although we can fully adapt to the customer needs or the agency itself.


• Physical targets

⁃ A stronger body

⁃ A healthy heart

⁃ Lose weight

⁃ Complete a 5K, 10K or Marathon competition

• Emotional goals

⁃ Increase self-esteem

⁃ Improve social interaction

⁃ Deepen the relationship with nature

⁃ Obtain an emotional balance

⁃ Have time to face the challenges and problems of life

⁃ Reduce anxiety

• Mental goals

⁃ Improve mental focus

⁃ Make more positive use of the mind

⁃ Facing mental challenges

⁃ Expand your mind and be open to new ideas

⁃ Improve organizational capacity

⁃ Improve mind-body connection

• Metaphysical goals

⁃ Have a sense of one's own center

⁃ Have the non-identification capability

⁃ Understand natural laws

⁃ Experience a sense of wholeness in your life

⁃ Be in the present

⁃ Appreciate the gift of life

Nothing else in particular

hoping to hear from you soon,


Jorge Larrosa Anaya