As I walk I think


We have about 60,000 thoughts during the day, don't you tell me that walk by day doesn't sound encouraging. I think it too helps clarify matters.

Blessed the couples who "hit the streets" and we unleash to our imagination.

When I write the script for a story I would choose to develop a story based in a scenario similar to the one that happen in the film Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz where you can follow a path, as if it were the Game of the Goose.

Who doesn't "remember some scene from a move where a member of the cast is seen walking back and forth with a thoughtful gesture on his face while he scratches his head and rubs his chin.

And for everything else, walk, mean it that just to take care about your health, if you can do it, I think you must move by your own. Something have to be wrong when we drive to our favorite trendy gym that is take 10 km from our house.

Then we'll complain when our main transport vehicle is break or we squander by some savings money that we could be used in other more beneficial actions.

Relation to those people who've sharing their thoughts in public and / or feel confused with my ideas, made clear that the intention of this second book is open a window full of fresh air to give up the audience mostly in pursuit of communication methods skills and within social relationships.

I'll touch methods towards to mind reader people who can range from a 14 year old autistic child to the entrepreneur who has become a leader. I sincerely think that speak is as an art and more do it in public. It can be developed in a hundred unimaginable ways.

People speak to be able to understand each other more easily. It's very good if we do it from the heart. To a larger degree nothing is more or less at stake than the order of ideas lose credibility, when they involve a difficult to understand, why does it happen to us?

Something similar happens with words when people converse. Our voice activates the cells of the rest of receptors, neuronal synthesis appears.

In fact, chats through the Smartphone incite a great increase. It's being experienced in written communication that replaces the telephone call. Like when someone walks down the pavement street in your neighborhood and suddenly the message sounds sticky melody. You choose to answer until you finally realize that perhaps you should stop and make the decision to pay the pertinent attention that the conversation deserves or keep your way.

The function of the messages with audios that I'll explain in other post is gaining followers.

It's a fundamental rule