Be Canarian


That is a subject that I write very rarely time, it resists me but I carry it with honor.

All of us who were born in Canary Islands carry it deep inside. It's like respect, you must demand and fight to count it with your head up, if not, with it, you take a plane and you start pride.

The fact that I was born here give me the sense to tell it by the first hand. The place of birth should not at all take away the freedom to choose where we settle in any part of the world, just as it doesn't carry any conditioning factors. 

I'm 'Canarión' until the bars like the one that more although 95% of my family is from abroad and with those from here there was distance from the beginning so even more merit to me. I have control my inner fighter to myself, what it's a lot. 

There are canarian that sits outside and is not  matter how hard the trip is, it ends up settling in and doesn't lose its roots. And then there’re tourists who come to Canary Island and feel lucky to reside here, they only know how much worthy is  the isolate to themselves in this micro continent. 

Family life is that many times due to various circumstances is separated, I’ll only say as a review that there’re more and more older people living alone, it doesn't seem entirely normal to me but I cannot say much about it neither.
Naturally I looking for good experiences like everyone one else, enjoy the moment! Obviously I feel seduced by the idea of keep celebrate my birthdays, and if it's in my beloved land even more.

I’m talking about this because sometimes I hear complaints, like sadness about age. Why don't they want to get older? What's wrong with that?