Camp days La Palma Island


This is the first post of my visit to the Caldera de Taburiente National Park on La Palma Island. After a 4h walk, I find the perfect place to camp, I find myself surrounded by farms with avocado trees, orange, tangerine, grape, almond, etc over Las Cumbrencitas. Nothing else to do at night begins to rain, I put myself in the field house. The sound of the water doesn't allow me to sleep peacefully. Bringing it all back in for this moment under the canopied trees.

It dawns with enriching sound of the birds, it's time to pick up the material and continue advancing on the way to a deeper area of ​​the forest along the bed of the valley Barranco de LAs Angustias. I'm bring food for 2 days so tomorrow I'll camp somewhere else. This experience makes me unconcerned with the use of the internet and social networks due to lack of connection or lack of battery in the mobile.

Listening the silent, basking in the spaciousness of this exceptionally moment. I´m tucked away here from Los Llanos de Aridane town. Tomorrow the forecast will be similar, so good night to all.

Be in love with you life, every minute of it.