Let's look consciousness and the human brain because consciousness is an intangible force. It's something that exists, but you can't really see it. Many people have a hard time explaining what it is. But there is physiological expressions for consciousness in the physical domain and the brain is one of them. And of course people will say; "well don't leave out the heart." Of course the heart is also very important, the heart has an even bigger electromagnetic field than the brain and is tied into the physiology in an even more complex way than the brain is, but we need to understand the base structure of the brain to understand the types of imbalances that go on within it that lead to these debilitating conditions within humanity that continue to create suffering for us. 

Let's look at how the brain and consciousness actually work. People will also try to give ridiculously over complicated and mystified definitions of what consciousness means and many people are even scared of the term. Being conscious of something, meaning having consciousness of it is an ability of the being to recognize patterns, remember, this is all about pattern recognition.

To recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events that are taking place, or have taken place, both within one's self; in the inner realm, in the lesser realm, the realm of the individuated consciousness, and in the realm in which the self exists and operates, the macrocosm. That's consciousness. That's consciousness, and it's made way overly complicated by people. It's mostly made overly complicated in the new age movement again, which I can't stress enough how big of a deception it is. So, that's what consciousness is.

How can any other being come to know who you are in this incarnation, in this physical manifestation? How could they possibly come to know you? How could you manifest yourself or make yourself known to them? And there's only three ways: thoughts, emotions, and actions. Thought, emotion and action: thought you have to look at as the creative force that is the expression for consciousness within the individual. Then it comes into physical manifestation through action. Your emotions are a polarized component you can look at it as. You're the one who's feeling the emotions in your physiology. It's an internal expression. You feel emotions inwardly, inside in the physiology. So the emotions in the mind-body-spirit connection are the spirit in which we do something.

Of course thoughts are within our mind, hence that's the mind component of the consciousness. Well good luck with that when people's behaviors have no alignment with morality. You think your belief is going to change something? Again, let me know how that works out for you. And again, I'm not mincing words up here, I'm telling it like it really is. I don't care who it offends. So, the expressions for consciousness are thoughts, emotions and actions which are likened to, in the consciousness community of mind, spirit and body.