The App is only for Businesses that have already created their FareHarbor profile. Join the Trail Travel remote work team from everywhere you have access to the main online management booking plataform for activity / tour.

Know all the requirements, be the one to join first our work champion group:







Before proceeding with the download of the FareHarbor Apple App or FareHarbor Android App, it’s required have confirmation of the activation role as Director, Guide, Manager, Payments Setup or Reservationist from Trail Travel Business center through the email booking@trailtravel.es

Once we´re sure that connection is active, we´ll have just to open the App Store on the laptop and will be install FareHarbor.

It will ask us for a username (USERNAME) and password (PASSWORD) that correspond to our domain user (the left part of our email before the @). In the password tab we will add the password that we use to enter our corporate email.

Once the login is done, we will be provided with the conditions of use of FareHarbor. We must accept them in order to continue.

Once accepted, the origin will try to automatically install the application. It is possible that it will not be installed automatically, so you will have to download the installer manually by clicking on the "Any Connect FareHarbor" link. We´ll have the option to run or download the installer. We can run it directly or if we prefer, download it fist, run it later.

Click on the "Next>" button

We must accept the license agreement and click on the "Next>" button.

In the next step, you will no longer have the option to install the application by clicking on the "Install" button.

The installation of the application will then start, which lasts less than a minute.

Once finished, click on the "Finish" button.

FareHarbor Connection

We must open the client to be able to make the connection.

To do this, we´ll click on the icon in the upper left part and write directly the reservation command. The name of the client we just installed will appear at the top of the pop-up window. Click on it to open it.

If the connection and credentials are right, a pop-up window will show vinculate the same security information and conditions of use that were provided to us before download  FareHarbor client. We have to accept the conditions.

Once the conditions have been accepted, an alert will appear at the bottom right indicating that communication has been successfully established by FareHarbor.

Whenever we want to know the status of FareHarbor, we can find out by looking at the icon in the lower right.
If the application icon appears with a padlock, FareHarbor connection is working correct.

FareHarbor Disconnect

When the pop-up window is displayed, we will click on the FareHarbor application icon.

To disconnect FareHarbor we must click on the "Disconnect" button.

It’s would be better to carry out this action whenever you don’t want to used FareHarbor or when we’re going to turn off the equipment so that it’s disconnect correctly.