Light was always associated with truth and the lie was always the work of darkness. Therefore, the Sun/Son was the light and the truth. And, He brought the truth and the light. As a matter of fact, it is said of the Son that He was the truth and the light. That is why, incidentally, that we have in our jury system today who helped bring the truth to light. Also, about Winter time. Winter was always associated with death, because in the Winter everything dies. So Winter was always associated with death, and, of course, the sun dies in Winter. And, this is a very important point. 

They said of the sun that when it died on December 22nd, that it had "passed over." We use that term today, that when you pass on, when you pass away, you pass over. The sun had passed over to the death of Winter, to the coming new life of Spring. So that in the Spring He came back to life. And also brought life back to the Earth. So He had passed over, He had passed on, or passed away.

The ancient Egyptians had a celebration on the first day of Spring, and they called it the Passover. They celebrated the Passover, because the sun had passed over from the death of Winter, to the new life of Spring. That's where the Passover ritual comes from. On the first day of Spring all of a sudden everything that is dead, now comes alive again.

Therefore, God's Sun/Son is bringing everything to life back on the Earth again, as He is the symbol of everlasting life. And, as I previously said, that new life is for the Earth, but not for you. The particular month that He comes back in the Spring with new life was, in the most ancient calendars, in Virgo, the Virgin. Therefore, it was said that God's Son/Son was born of a virgin. That is where that came from in our religious views.

 The sun was said also to have died with a crown of thorns